The way it is looking now, she will make it!

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The way it is looking now, she will make it!

Holsteiner_VerbandAn interview with Theo Molenaers. Theo Molenaers ist one of the most successful horse traders in Belgium acting on an international basis. But there is more. Molenaers is a successful breeder as well, having bred Holsteiner stallions like Dinken, Commanchi and Clicksem. Since the 1990s, he has been a very good customer of the Holsteiner Verband spring and autumn auctions. Together with Jos Lansink, Theo Molenaers purchased the Callas by Casall – Coriano at the 2013 spring auction. One more reason to talk to him about Callas and his experience.

An interview with Theo Molenaers © Holsteiner Verband
An interview with Theo Molenaers © Holsteiner Verband

You have got Callas, a now 7-year-old mare and the top-selling lot of the 2013 Elmshorn auction at your stable. How is Callas doing?
Very well. No question, this is an exceptional horse. My rider, Marcell Willems, is schooling the mare very deliberately, and competed her at several 2**CSI shows in Belgium and the Netherlands this past autumn and winter. She was always good for a front placing – and what is important for me as a trader, she has caused quite a stir.

“Caused a stir” – does that mean, the mare is already on the market?
No, since it has not been Jos’ and my aim to resell Callas right away. But this is definitely an extraordinary horse. She has an incredibly positive attitude towards our sport. She is careful, intelligent and has got ability – the way it is now, I think she will make it. Of course other riders and horse traders have noticed this as well and we have had first inquiries.

As you have said, Callas is owned by you and Jos Lansink, so are we going to see her under Jos sometime?
Actually, that is a topic we have not talked about yet. I saw Callas during the spring auction training presentation and discussed it with my business partner. We invest both, as we do now in her training, and eventually a rider will show a definite interest in her. And then we will sell her, that’s the way we earn our living.

Being a horse trader and breeder you travel abroad a lot. What do you think are the advantages of an auction, particularly the spring auction?
I have been a regular of the Holsteiner auctions since the 1990s. The sales team and I have been building up a business relation of mutual trust. They know which horses I am interested in, which qualities are most important for me, we trust each other. That is the crucial factor, I don’t normally buy horses at other auctions. Personally, I attach great importance to the presentation of the horses in training. I travel to Elmshorn from Belgium, which is quite a distance, but I like to seize these opportunities to get a better picture. My experience at auction is positive without exception. This is particularly true for the spring auctions: the horses are a bit greener, so the price level is a bit lower compared to the horses at the autumn auction- and I just have the feeling, which luckily came true this last years, that I might be the first to discover a jumper like Callas.

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