All the Reining at the Salone del Cavallo Americano 2017!

Salone del Cavallo Americano

All the Reining at the Salone del Cavallo Americano 2017!

Press Release | Reining – Tonight, the deadline (fixed for the 24th april), to subscribe to the great IRHA/NRHA Derby 2017 will expire. The thrilling special event will take place from the 16th to the 20th may (opening to public from the 19th to the 21st may), during the Salone del Cavallo Americano, in the beautiful facility of CremonaFair.

The well tested oval arena "Oklahoma style" is unique in Europe. © Salone del Cavallo Americano
The well tested oval arena „Oklahoma style“ is unique in Europe. © Salone del Cavallo Americano

The lucky reiners that will decide to take part to the categories of Derby, CRI*** and to the Ancillary NRHA will have the chance to compete in the well tested oval arena “Oklahoma style”, unique in Europe and already well appreciated by the Champions of the IRHA/NRHA Futurity 2015 and 2016, of the 2016 Derby and less than one month ago, also by the riders of the NRHA European Futurity 2017.

The rich new edition will present an added money of 86.250 euro, which mantains the extremely high level of prize money of the past events. The prize money guaranteed to the Champion of the classes Derby Open (10 thousand euro) and Non Pro (5 thousand) are exactly the same of the previous edition.

The staff
The skilled jury of the event is formed by three italian judges, two americans and one german experienced professional: Nic Baar and Janette Steffl, well known horsewoman who has worked for several years in Italy and that our national riders remember with affection, will fly to Cremona from the States; Uli Koffler, from Germany, will cross the Alps with his fellow countryman Maik Bartmann, that will be Monitor Judge for the show, while Max Canu, Maura Moraglione and Enrico Righetti will play at home. To assist them all, there will be an experienced team of scribes: Federica Cattolico, Patrizia Desanctis, Vera Eliani, Laura Faith and Emanuela Maiocchi.

With reference to the show pen staff, Nick Puscas will be doorman, while Alessandro Dezzutto  and Harry Quint will play the role of stewards; the skilled dragmaster Giorgio Mondini will once again take care of the accurate working of the show pen ground.

Live scoring and live streaming will be assured by Alexander Quinte and its and by studio Andrea Bonaga respectively: they will both be reachable by a dedicated pushbutton on the home page

What are we going to see?
• The Derby represent, for importance, the second Special Event of the discipline, soon after the november Futurity. Reserved to 4 to 7 year-old horses, the show offer classes for professional riders (Open) and for amateurs (Non Pro), both divided into 4 levels, depending on lifetime earnings of riders: the level 4 is the one reserved to the most experienced riders, and many top foreign competitors from all over Europe are coming to Cremona to compete is this section.

• The CRI *** Senior , divided in 2 go-round, and the CRI *** Junior + Young Riders, in one unique go, are top important chances to be selected for the FEI World Championship Junior & Young Riders, and the FEI European Championship Senior that will take place in the summer at the facility owned by the Schumacher family in Givrins (Switzerland).

• The NRHA Ancillary, valid for the prestigious NRHA World Standings,  that every year determine the best ‘sliders’ in the world. The Reining World Championship, promoted by the National Reining Horse Association USA, is played on official competitions held all over the world, and in the last few years very often the podium was held by europen riders: this was due to the high level of prize money offered in these competitions in the hosting countries of the Old Continent.

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