We proudly present: EQWO.net goes international!

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We proudly present: EQWO.net goes international!

EQWO_farbig​​The eagerly awaited day is finally here: the day that the independent and unique equestrian sports portal EQUESTRIAN WORLDWIDE – EQWO.net is not only available in German anymore – but also in English!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 marks the date! Besides our popular HD livestream EQWOstream and the video-on-demand service EQWOtube, EQWO.net also provides up-to-date and worldwide news from all disciplines of equestrian sports.


The news are now available in English as well – just like the whole website.

At EQUESTRIAN WORLDWIDE, we still want to put great emphasis on our national events and success stories. However, in our role as a news portal we also want to report about the latest events and stories in the global equestrian community.

​Having said that: enjoy surfing on EQWO.net!