Slaughter horse Uma and Denis Stefan on the road to their first...

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Slaughter horse Uma and Denis Stefan on the road to their first show in Wr. Neustadt

CM | Western riding – Do you remember the Romanian Denis Stefan, whose great goal was to start with his mare Uma, who he’d saved from slaughter, at the Americana 2017? In spring 2017 he came to Austria to learn from Vern Sapergia and Joedy Cunningham. In his home country it is virtually impossible to find a Western horse trainer. Denis has gained most of his knowledge from videos and books.

Das war Uma an ihrem ersten Tag nach der Rettung vor dem Schlachter. © Privat
This is Uma on the first day after Denis rescued her from bein sent to the slaughter house. © Privat

Due to several buraucratic difficulties he wasn’t able to attend the Americana. He had, however, succeeded in attracting many people to his „Project UMA“ and also won a few smaller sponsors, such as Dennis Moreland, owner of Dennis Moreland Tack, who sent him some equipment free of charge from Texas.

Denis has been training diligently with Uma over the last few months and also travelled through Romania to draw many people’s attention to the appropriate attitude to work with horses. He really wanted to attend a show with Uma, so he decided to go the Western Star Autumn Classic in Wr. Neustadt (Lower Austria).

Denis is looking forward to the weekend: „I am so happy that I have come so far with Uma. This will be our first show. Our main goal is to expose her to a lot of different thins and at the same time we want to have fun. I really hope to make a difference in saving other horses in need from our national farms in Romania.“

Uma wurde von Dennis Moreland Tack ausgestattet. © Privat
Uma was equipped by Dennis Moreland Tack. © Privat
Auf dem Weg nach Österreich: Denis und Uma. © Privat
On the road to Austria: Denis and Uma. © Private
Auf der langen Fahrt von Bukarest nach Wr. Neustadt legten Denis und Uma eine Pause bei Freunden ein. © Privat
Denis and Uma took a break from the long drive. © Privat
Pause für Uma bei Freunden. © Privat
Travel break for Uma. © Privat
Eine lange Fahrt liegt hinter Denis und Uma. © Privat
A long drive from Bukarest to Austria. © Privat
Angekommen im WTC H & D Schulz! Heute gehen die beiden ins Paid Warm Up. © Privat
Denis and Uma have arrived at the WTC H & D Schulz! © Privat

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Western Star Autumn Classic Wr. Neustadt (AUT) 18.-17.09.2017
ÖSTM Reining, ÖM Westernreiten, Österr. ARHA Meisterschaft mit 11 Meistertiteln, Glastrophies für alle ARHA Champions 2017, NRHA approv. Show mit 3 Trophies & 13 Plaques, NRHA European Championship Quali 2018
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