Holsteiner spring auction 2016

Holsteiner Verband

Holsteiner spring auction 2016

HolsteinerPress release Holsteiner Verband On 19 March once more 30 promising Holsteiners will step into the auction ring at the Fritz Thiedemann hall to be auctioned off by Uwe Heckmann.
An exact number of 30 four- to seven-year-old young Holsteiner horses from a wide range of bloodlines have been able to meet the rigorous selection criteria laid down by auction manager Peter Glisic and his team.

Calido I, Casall, Cassini I or Contender are sires which make the hearts of sport riders beat faster. They will be represented by offspring at the spring auction, but also Catoo, Cayado, Crawford, Connor, Nerrado or Lyjanero who are just in the early stages of their stud career have sons or daughters present. Contender son Connected, 5-year-old jumper finalist at last year’s National Young Horse Championships, is being considered one of the current selection’s special treats. “We are happy about this horse being part of our current auction selection”, said Peter Glisic.

Training and auction schedule
During the Elmshorn training period you may test your personal favourites under saddle. In order to arrange an individual training session, please get in touch with the auction team by calling +49 (0) 41 21 – 49 79 41.

Tuesday, 8 March- 7.00 pm
presentation of the auction horses
horses may be tested under saddle afterwards

Wednesday, 9 March – Thursday, 16 March: 9.00 am – noon
official training, horses can be tested under saddle afterwards

Saturday, 19 March – 4.00 pm
presentation of the auction horses

Saturday, 19 March – 7.00 pm
start of the auction

Your direct contact:
Peter Glisic
auction manager
cell phone +49 170 – 146 27 45
email: auktion@holsteiner-verband.de

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Source: Press release Holsteiner Verband