Please complete the form below. By submitting the application you accept the rules of this accreditation. Please attach a copy of your valid press ID and a confirmation issued by the medium you`re working for. In order to complete the accreditation process we need an example of a publication about last year’s event or an announcment for this year’s event. Please submit examples of your publications after the event.

NOTE: An accreditation without the necessary attachments is not possible.
Deadline for the accreditation is always one week before the competition.
An accreditation after this deadline is not possible!

Accreditation through this application is only possible for journalists and photographers. Photographers who are not there for a journalistic assignment can apply for the permission to take pictures at the press office. There are no sales licenses for photographers.

If you want to record motion pictures you have to contact us for the rights release in advance:

On location you will find the press office. It will be open from Thursday to Sunday from the beginning of the first competiton of the day until two hours after the end of the last competition. You will have free WLAN-Acess there.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Press Office

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Head of Press Office
Ruth M. Büchlmann
Mobile: +43 676 844 180 222

Team Lead
Mag. Bettina Breunlich
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