Dancing for the spectators – Emilio and El Santo NRW

Festhallen Reitturnier Frankfurt

Dancing for the spectators – Emilio and El Santo NRW

Festhallenturnier_FrankfurtAt precisely 2.30pm on Sunday, Part 1 of Isabell Werth’s (Rheinberg) Christmas break began.  That was the moment the most successful German dressage rider had truly completed her to-do list – she had won the final of the Louisdor Prize with Emilio and then gone on to do the same with El Santo NRW in the Ceecoach Grand Prix Freestyle powered by peiker. Nine-year-old gelding Emilio gave both his rider and his owner Madeleine Winter-Schulze a truly wonderful Christmas present with his win in one of the two most important series for developing horses.

Trabten schnurstracks zum Sieg im Louisdor-Preis-Finale. Isabell Werth und Emilio. © Stefan Lafrentz
Winning team of the national Young Grand Prix-Horse-Series Louisdor-Prize: Isabell Werth and Emilio. © Stefan Lafrentz

“I’m really pleased with how Emilio presented himself here”, enthused Werth. A sensational score of 79.10 percent secured the son of Ehrenpreis the victory in the Louisdor final of the Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation, a series dedicated to eight to ten-year-old horses which brings the best horses from several qualification events to the final at the International Frankfurt Festhalle Riding Tournament. Emilio required a little patience, explained Werth, who presented the gelding in the 2014 Nürnberg Burg Pokal in Frankfurt and won the preliminary competition. “We had him first as a three year old, then the owners wanted him back. But he came back to us. When you first saddled him up everything was fine, but he was a little bit anxious when you tried to sit on him”, continued Werth. “Matthias (Bouten) patiently practised the process with Emilio, and when I see how much he has come on in the past 12 months, I’m really proud of him.”

Second place went to Sönke Rothenberger (Bad Homburg) with eight-year-old Dutch gelding Cosmo (74.32 percent): “I reckon next year he will know the Santas in the decorations,” laughed the student, who just a few days ago was called up to the German dressage A Team with Cosmo, a source of great pride.

“Ernie” dances for the crowds
El Santo NRW secured the second victory of the day for Werth Stables with a score of 79.72 percent in the Ceecoach Grand Prix Freestyle powered by peiker. And “Ernie”, who as a spring chicken won the final of the Nürnberg Burg Pokal in Frankfurt and a year later “danced” his way through the Media Cup (Louisdor Prize), is well known. The uncomplicated 14-year-old Rhenish gelding is one of Isabell Werth’s most reliable ribbon winners. Sanneke Rothenberger, sister of Sönke and one of the youngest German dressage riders, took second place in the Freestyle. “I’m sure you’ll have noticed in the presentation ceremony how much Devereaux loves it when people applaud him,” said
Sanneke Rothenberger. Devereaux is generally very keen on the limelight. “I still have to work on a couple of mistakes and I’ll do that in the coming days and weeks,” she continued. Third place went to top Swedish dressage rider Patrik Kittel with Toy Story.

Growing spectator numbers for Frankfurt 2015
The International Frankfurt Festhalle Riding Tournament has enjoyed another increase in spectator numbers. The target of 46,000 spectators on all four days has been well and truly met, much to the joy of event organisers Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, Klaus Martin Rath, Paul and Bettina Schockemöhle. Indeed tickets for the event sold out completely on both Saturday and Sunday. “On Saturday we had to open the third tier for the very first time,” said Rath, “and people who had banked on getting a ticket on the door realised it would be pretty tight.” The Thursday evening programme, which includes the show competition, as well as the competitions on Friday and Sunday, saw very definite increases in spectator numbers.

International Frankfurt Festhalle Riding Tournament Results Overview

17 Int. Grand Prix Freestyle
CEECOACH Grand Prix Freestyle powered by peiker –
Special prize for the youngest placing horse

1. Isabell Werth (Rheinberg) with El Santo NRW, 79.73%
2. Sanneke Rothenberger (Bad Homburg) with Deveraux OLD, 76.78%
3. Patrik Kittel (Sweden) with Toy Story 2, 76.48%
4. Dorothee Schneider (Framersheim) with UllrichEquine’s St. Emilion, 57.33%
5. Birgit Wientzek-Pläge (Switzerland) with For Compliment, 72.98%
6. Renate Voglsang (Austria) with Fratello 15, 70.60%

19 Nat. dressage test S*** cl. – Louisdor Prize
Developing horse Grand Prix (FN) – Final 2015
1. Isabell Werth (Rheinberg) with Emilio 107, 79.10%
2. Sönke Rothenberger (Bad Homburg) with Cosmo 59, 74.32%
3. Susan Pape (Great Britain) with Harmony’s Fiorano, 69.76%
4. Dorothee Schneider (Framersheim) with Fackeltanz OLD, 69.58%
5. Therese Nilshagen (Sweden) with Dante Weltino OLD, 69.08%
6. Juliane Brunkhorst (Hamburg) with Sieger Hit, 68.42%

11 Int. points show jumping with joker SPOOKS Amateur Trophy 2015 / 2016 – Medium Tour (1.25 m)
1. Julia Rehme (Herford) with Pikeur Caressini 65.00 / 49.78
2. Laura Reuter (Brühl) with Corleone 65 65.00 / 50.02
3. Ralph Wiebelt (Kaiserslautern) with Ciara 65 65.00 / 50.89
4. Caroline Gröning (Datteln) with Colani ZB 65.00 / 54.53
5. Ralph Wiebelt (Kaiserslautern) with Quincy 136 63.00 / 51.05
6. Caroline Gröning (Datteln) with Montero 13 61.00 / 57.08

14 Int. points show jumping with joker
SPOOKS Amateur Trophy 2015 / 2016 – Large Tour (1.40 m)
1. Dominique Michelle Weber (Ludwigshafen) with Chasseur en blanc 65.00 / 48.29
2. Amy Collinson (New Zealand) with Capello G 65.00 / 50.55
3. Heinz Holbach (Bad Honnef) with Zatopek 8 65.00 / 51.48
4. Ulrich Hensel (Ortenberg) with Rashida 19 65.00 / 51.72
5. Udo Kloetzel (Limburg) with Challenger 37 65.00 / 52.78
6. Nastasia Kaufmann (Crimmitschau) with Lex Barker 4 65.00 / 52.85

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Source: Press release