Charlotte Dujardin: „Valegro my Nr. 1“


Charlotte Dujardin: „Valegro my Nr. 1“

British dressage rider, number one in the world, World Cup Champion, World- and European Champion, Olympic Champion an record breaker Charlotte Dujardin has a definite number one in her life.

And it is not her fiance Dean. No, it’s her extraordinary horse Valegro!

In an interview on BT Sport she did not hesitate for a second, when she was asked who of the three most important men in her life – trainer Carl Hester, fiance Dean or Valegro – is her number one: „Definitifely Valegro!“

Right at the first date she told Dean, that her horses come first. „If you don’t like it you know where the door is“, smiled Charlotte.

Regarding Valegro’s future, Charlotte said once more that she is considering to retire Valegro afte the 2016 Olympics in Rio and will only ride him for fun then and added a very happy ‚wohoo‘.